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Who We Work With


Your greatest strength lies in not only having access to a strong support system, but consistently utilitzing it. No step you’ll take is bigger than the first one. When you make the choice to put yourself first, you’re making the best choice for your family at home and your family at work. Life will be more peaceful when you utilize your resources, learn new tools, and create a practice that works for YOU. You deserve more than the struggle to survive each passing day. You deserve to have peace and you deserve to look forward to each day ahead.

Wives & Partners

It takes a village, and living the lifestyle of a firefighter spouse is not for the faint of heart. We have to manage our lives, our households and the ever changing schedule at the same time. There is no group better suited to support you than those who have experience in this world and live it on the daily just like you do. Having a group of people who understand without explanation is incredibly healing. Feel seen and heard in ways that you rarely experience. Check out our group programs, 1:1 sessions & packages and retreats!


It’s easy to forget that our kids face their own individual challenges as a result of living this lifestyle. They’re well taken care of and they seem “normal” and happy, right? Well, yes – but there are stories going through their heads knowing they have a parent in the mix of the endless emergencies and tragedies in society daily. Firefighter’s kids are different than other kids, and they need support with the things they don’t talk about. Small groups and 1:1 sessions available for all ages. 

Extended Family

Parents, siblings, extended family members, ex-spouses who are co-parenting with firefighters: If you love a firefighter and have concerns with your relationship we’re here for you too! This lifestyle can be really tough to understand and the toll it takes on relationships can be heavy. Learn more about the lifestyle and get a different perspective to help you better connect to to and understand where they are. If you want help relating to your firefighter, we’re here to support you!


This lifestyle can put us in the unfortunate position of being left behind unexpectedly. With personal experience working through the loss of a firefighter spouse, we’re able to support you. It’s clear as mud moving forward but you don’t have to do it alone. There are decisions to make. There are lives, finances and a household to manage. Everything looks different now and it can look impossible at times. Whether you know what you need or you’re completely unsure, we’ve got you. 

Work with Us

Compatibility  Session


  • Valid for any firefighter or family member
  • 45 minutes to talk, share and ask questions
  • See if our agency is a comfortable fit for your needs

Health & Wellness 12 Week 1:1 Program Session


  • Consistent Accountability with weekly appointments
  • Develop a personal system to create peace + balance at home and work
  • Process trauma & address cumulative stress
  • Learn coping skills to better manage triggers
  • Reset your nervous system
  • Improve sleep
  • Create positive habits to regulate emotions and improve relationships

10-Session Pack


  • Use for any services we provide (Talk therapy, life coaching, art therapy, Brain Spotting, EMDR, sound therapy, etc.)
  • Can be used by anyone in your immediate family
  • Please utilize services within six months of purchase

Individual 1:1 Session


  • Valid for any firefighter or family member
  • 1 hour appointment

Firefighter Partner Support Circle – Online


  • 8 weekly meetups
  • Discuss current hot topics with supportive, understanding women
  • Work through various stressors in your relationship
  • Learn how to better relate to your firefighter
  • Hear from others who can relate to your lifestyle
  • Develop habits to help you find peace in your day to day life
  • Feel seen, heard and validated
Program runs several times throughout the year. Check upcoming sessions using the link below.

Widow Support 1:1 Session


  • Up to a 2 hour session
  • Create a plan to assist you in moving forward in whatever way you need
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